Law Offices of Mark Sindler


I’ve seen it all. From traffic cases to murder trials, I’ve defended clients of all types. My approach is always the same: first I get to know you as a person, then I defend you to the best of my abilities and in accordance with the law. Here are a handful of outcomes I’ve reached for some good people caught in bad situations.

Assault at a Bar

My client faced charges of assault after a fight at a neighborhood bar. He claimed he was innocent. I believed him and his testimony, which established he acted in self-defense and had a reputation for being a peaceful and law-abiding citizen.

Result: cleared of any wrongdoing.

Acquitted of a DUI

My client, who lived in another state, was charged with DUI in Pittsburgh and proceeded to trial. A not-guilty verdict was returned after I showed that government witnesses were unable to prove my client was too impaired to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Result: no conviction.

Illegal Drug Possession

My client, a licensed securities dealer, was charged with illegal drug possession. Through negotiations with the prosecutor, I was able to expunge his arrest history. And since this case jeopardized his professional license, I successfully worked with a national licensing authority to further avoid any censure on his administrative record.

Result: Expunged arrest history, so he could stay in business.

False Stalking Charges

My client was charged with several counts of stalking and related offenses. The alleged victims were related to one another and made startling accusations of intimidation.  I ultimately obtained an acquittal of all charges through cross-examination, revealing gaping flaws in their testimonies.

Result: Acquittal of all charges.

Lessening Penalties

My client, a resident of Pittsburgh, was charged with trademark infringement for allegedly distributing fake sports apparel. Through multiple discussions with state and federal investigators, I was able to lower the ultimate charge to a summary (or nominal)-level offense.

Result: No probation and a minimal fine.

Heroin and Currency

Police stopped my client in a car that contained large amounts of heroin and currency. After exposing serious flaws in the government’s evidence, I produced an outcome where he admitted to a minor offense of lying to a police officer, avoiding mandatory confinement.

Result: Withdrawal of felony drug charges.

Flimsy DUI

My client was charged with a DUI in northwestern Pennsylvania. Investigators could not confirm the driver’s identity without other persons in the car. By aggressively seeking suppression of certain evidence, I convinced the government to withdraw all pending charges.

Result: no conviction.

Drug Charges

My client was arrested while traveling through Pittsburgh with large amounts of heroin and cash. She faced mandatory incarceration and monetary fines. I exposed fundamental flaws in the government’s evidence.

Result: Withdrawal of all drug charges and a plea to a low-level misdemeanor.

Weather Man

My client, who lives in another state, was charged with Vehicle Code violations that could have resulted in several months in jail. Since severe weather conditions at the time of the incident affected the legality of the traffic stop, I called upon an expert weather forecaster to assist the defense.

Result: The case was resolved without any jail time.

Striking a Deputy

My client was charged with striking a deputy sheriff during an altercation. By focusing on his law-abiding background and strong family characteristics, I persuaded the court to sentence him to a term of probation.

Result: No incarceration.

Driver’s License Suspension

My client, a tradesman from Pittsburgh’s suburbs, faced suspension of his driver’s license due to medical issues affecting his neurological capabilities. By working with both the his physician and counsel from the Department of Transportation, I made sure the suspension mandate was eventually removed.

Result: Continued employment.